Hotel Red Bay offers 13 hotel rooms to book for the night or even to book for a daytime home away from home. We offer suites and space for business opportunities inside the hotel, and we also offer great spaces indoors and out for your next gathering or event. Scroll through our website for more photos and information, then be sure to give us a call to book your next stay. Thank you for visiting Hotel Red Bay!

About the Hotel

Hotel Red Bay offers 13 hotel rooms to book for the night or even to book for a daytime home away from home.

We offer 8 king size rooms and 4 full. We even have one suite to offer that has a king and a pull-out full. All rooms have internet and cable television. We do have a few rooms where your fur baby can even accompany you during your stay.

Rates for full size rooms are $99.99 a night and king rooms are $115.99. Our suite nightly rate is $129.99. Discounts will be given for stays of two or more nights and there is only an additional $10 fee per pet per day to have your pet join you on your stay (please see information regarding pets below in the Accommodation Policies section). Corporate rates are available of course.

A beautiful courtyard is also available for our customers to enjoy. Store fronts are open now with local made crafts and our banquet room is currently available for private parties and family or corporate events.

Please let us know how we can make you as our guests feel at home and ask us any questions you may have. Some things aren’t finished just yet, but we’ve heard your requests to be open as soon as possible and are ready to accommodate you. We are certainly here to serve you!

Call us today at (256) 668-0181 or (256) 356-9912 to reserve your stay today!

Accommodation Policies

NO SMOKING ALLOWED IN ROOMS: We do not allow smoking inside our guest rooms or building. Guests found to have been smoking inside our facilities will incur a minimum cleaning charge of $350. No exceptions.

LATE ARRIVALS: Please note we are a small boutique hotel with limited staffing. While we want to be accommodating to all travelers, we simply cannot accept reservation requests or calls made after 8 p.m. Guests who expect to arrive late should notify us at the time of placing your reservation, and late-arrival instructions will be provided.

PAYMENT REQUIRED AT TIME OF RESERVATION: Payment in full for your entire stay is due at the time your reservation is made. We reserve the right to begin payment transactions by credit or debit card within 24 hours of your stay. Again, as we are a small boutique hotel we cannot extend credit or allow post-stay payment for travelers unless they have a history with us or are on a corporate account. We appreciate your understanding on this. Please note, we DO NOT accept cash payments.

CANCELLATION/NO-SHOW POLICY: Once a reservation is confirmed, please notify us by calling (256) 668-0181 or (256) 356-9912 of any cancellation or modification of the booking at least 1 day (24 hours) of the planned stay. Cancellations made less than 24 hours of the intended stay are subject to a minimum $50 cancellation fee per day (depending upon the planned length of stay) deducted from any refund. If a cancellation is made after check-in time, no refund is allowed.

SERVICE ANIMALS AND PET POLICY: Hotel Red Bay will accommodate guests with service animals under ADA guidelines. A limited number of rooms are available for guests with pets; please inquire in advance about room availability.  A fee of $10 per pet per day is charged for guests whose pets will stay with them in their room. We require pets to have their own bedding as it has been our experience, unfortunately, to have damage occur to our bedding and furniture from pets sleeping on beds and in chairs.  Guests whose pets damage bedding, furniture, carpeting, baseboards, blinds or other fixtures within our hotel will incur additional charges to cover the full cost of repair and/or replacement of the items damaged.

Anyone placing a reservation with Hotel Red Bay is acknowledging receipt, understanding and acceptance of these policies.

Event Space

Host your next banquet or gathering with us! Hotel Red Bay offers beautiful spaces indoors and out to make your next event as memorable as it can be. We offer a complete array of on-site catering services, and your guests will love the ambiance of our hotel’s dining and gathering rooms. Our outdoor patio space offers a picturesque setting for both daytime and evening events. Call us today for more information on hosting your next event here! Check out the photos below of some of the ways our event spaces have been utilized.


When you are ready to book your stay, reserve our gathering spaces, or discuss leasing one of our business spaces, give us a call at (256) 668-0181 or (256) 356-9912. We will be glad to assist you. Please note room bookings and reservations must be made before 8 p.m. And thank you for choosing Hotel Red Bay!